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BARKAA has collaborated with Cleonie Quayle of CQ Aboriginal Jewellery to design and create a series of custom handmade and one of a kind range of merchandise.

Cleonie Quayle is BARKAA’s mother, a Malyingapa woman from the Barkindji nation. Cleonie and BARKAA both believe that beautiful artwork should not just be hung on walls, but showcased as jewellery to admire and display the brilliant artwork by Aboriginal artists.


BARKAA and CQ Aboriginal Jewellery collaborate with other businesses and artists when making jewellery, so you can be assured that the unique piece of jewellery purchased funds not only BARKAA and CQ Aboriginal Jewellery, it also supports other Aboriginal artists and business owners.


Permission was sort to use the paper on jewellery from the supplier Better World Arts who pay the artists monthly royalties and also sort from Dreamtime Kullilla-Art, who are an Aboriginal owned and operated business.



About the artist

Cleonie Quayle is a proud Maljangapa woman of the Pooncarie Paakantj nation. Her traditional country stretches along almost 150,000 square kilometres, and across several Australian states including Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.


She started her business CQ Aboriginal Jewellery because of her passion for connecting the environment, landscape, healing circles and nature. Through her craftsmanship, her ambition is to communicate that while Australian Aboriginal art and culture is one of the oldest traditions in the world, it also capable of evolving and moving forward.


Cleonie Quayle is an artist and self-employed jewellery maker. She specialises in collecting, crafting and designing Australian Aboriginal fabric, gumnut and quongdong jewellery. Her work continues the ancient Aboriginal traditional of using natural materials and fibres to craft jewellery and accessories. It holds a contemporary twist, with Cleonie’s unique touch and the incorporation of gemstones and beads. Her work sells at a range of Indigenous and social justice events, and is available in shop fronts, markets and community events across NSW.


Cleonie is part of Global Sisters, an organisation with an ecosystem that provides support for female entrepreneurs.


You can also find CQ on Blak Markets, a social enterprise for Indigenous businesses which operates up to eight times a year at various locations including at La Perouse, and pop-up shops and their online store.


Follow Cleonie here.

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