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“It’s always from the heart, still. It’s all me and about everything I’ve been through, my lived experiences,” she explains. 


“I want people to still connect with me, and on a different level. I’ve shown how proud I am as a Blak woman and how proud I am of my culture with Blak Matriarchy. I’ve told them about my stances, shown them everything I am. Now, I wanna show what Sydney raised as well, I wanna show what Gadigal made. What the concrete jungle made. There’s a lot of inspiration there.”


But don’t get it twisted, though bops and bangers are on the menu for her next project; BARKAA’s spitfire approach that marked Blak Matriarchy will always remain front and centre.


“Even at the height of being a Blak woman building this career, I realise that the industry has its setbacks,” she says. “I’ve loved making people uncomfortable and I want to still make people’s blood turn cold and put out jams as well.”


“2023 was a bit of a hard year for me. At the end of the year, I’d made some really good decisions; I’d cut off all the shit that was holding me back. I feel like this year, I’m coming in and I’m myself again; I love what I’m doing and I fell back in love with my career again.”

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